Sink Into Darkness

The Begining

A lone caravan makes it’s way toward the city of Hope in hope of finding a place they can finally call home. Some say that the city of hope is the last remaining civilized society left in the world. Others say that the city is just a myth told to confer the young. In either case it seems that the only safe place in this world of death is the city of hope. In one car of the caravan a pair of brothers have stirred up trouble yet again. The brothers Diddlen Dan and the Dandy man have always been an odd pair even among this warped and disturbing world. The elder brother Dandy man always asking to barrow things and then steal them for his own while Diddlen Dan… is self explanatory. Among them in there cart is a human that is always cloaked and only speaks silent prayers to a necklace hidden around his neck. A large human with many scars and muscles and the attire of a blacksmith as that was his perfection. A man wearing heavy looking armor. An elderly women with two children one a girl with orange hair and pig tails the other a boy with scruffy brown hair. They both seem young maybe 10 to 12 years old at best their eye’s already hardened with the weight this world forces you to carry. Finally a lone elf who looks rather young and arrogant claiming to be a master swordsmen his blade an ancient heirloom of his families.

The Dandy man approaches the young elf with his trade mark phrase “Can I barrow that? I’ll give it right back.”. The elf try’s to fight it but the man was just so annoying that he let him see it if only for just a second. At that moment the caravan hit a bump and the Dandy man skillfully passes the sword off to his brother who at the moment was trying very hard to “diddle” the young girl. The bump made everyone unaware of the event except for the mysteries cloaked man. As the people in the caravan argued over who had the sword the man in heavy army was busy trying to get off of Diddlen Dan who was as per usual trying to diddle. A second bump was hit this one much more powerful then the first. In fact it wasn’t a bump at all but an explosion of green flames that destroyed the car. The wayward travels where spread out amongst the wreckage only a few of the caravans travelers survived.

It seems that they landed in the middle of a fierce battlefield. The city they had landed in was all ruble and destruction as a fierce mage battle was being fought between a skeletal figure that sat upon a throne of bones glowing in green fire and another mage that looked tired and like he had taken much damage. Around the mage where Giant rats as big as horses only they where made of bone and green flame instead of actual living organs. Next to the figure on the throne a giant canon seemed to be charging up for it’s next assault on the caravan and so the survivors took action. The cloaked man reveled a bow and danced around the battle field dodging spell bolts and rat fangs shooting off arrows at the monstrousness zombie horde. The big man in heavy army stayed out of combat every now and then sending prayers to his god in order to be rewarded with spells of healing to heal his companions. The Dandy man was forced back to protect his brother who was gravely injured from the explosion of there cart. The young elf warrior asked for his sword back so that he could help fight off the undead and the Dandyman with his brothers life at risk saw no choice but to give in and gave him back his weapon. The elf warrior fought back the rats but was soon out matched by there large size and poisons bite. The mage that had been fighting the undead before there arrival asked the group for there assistance in taking down the brute. Although the party did not yet trust this new mage when locked in the heat of battle you are not often given much choice. Teaming up with the group the mage continued to attack the undead mage with both fire and lightning while his opponent fought with darkness and poison. A large scream was heard across the battlefield at long last the canon by his side had finished charging and was ready to fire. Sensing in coming danger the Dandyman quickly cast a spell of his own making a dust cloud for him and his party to hide in. The canon fired into the smoke and missed the party. With the last of his rats destroyed the undead mage left his throne and advanced toward the party turning his staff into a large and intimidating scythe. The cloaked man fired arrows from the distance at the undead mage but to little effect. The Dandyman tried a quik flurry of stabs with his rapier seeming to only annoy the mage. The heavily armored man said a powerful prayer against the undead shouting it at the mage who seemed to explode in holy light. Now that the undead mage was weakened the worn out mage from earlier cast his final spell and a mighty ball of fire exploded the undead mage for good.



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