Sink Into Darkness

The day I met a necromancer

The rest of the group moved onward until they found a small village in the middle of the frozen wastes. The town looked safe enough and the party had been wary from travel and so they took this opportunity to rest and hopefully find out more information about their destination The City of Hope. The group entered the only tavern in the small village looking for drink and information. In the bar of the tavern they saw a young man sitting at a back table and a large muscular man behind the bar giving them a menacing look, a shadowed figure in the corner of the bar opposite the young man’s section and a cheerful looking halfing singing songs and serving the customers. The group enjoyed the tavern while others ventured around town looking for items and weapons but soon found them inflated to extreme proportions and their pockets rather empty. During this time the ranger and druid had made it to the town and sought refuge there as well. Another new comer entered the village that night a man that looked to be made of daggers. This man looked menacing and out for blood.

In the tavern the group met up with the new travels and decided to stay in town for a while and plan their next move. Later that night a howl was heard off in the distance and the group was soon facing down a shadowy beast of pure wrath. The shadow wolf could seem to dive through their shadows effortlessly and avoid their attacks while striking from the cover of darkness. The wolf also summoned shadow minions from the groups own shadows that would follow them where ever they went and attack just as they would attack themselves. The group fought hard with spell and sword and vanquished the shadow minions until only the shade wolf remained. The wolf had the group cornered until a small army of undead seemed to come out of nowhere and attack the shade wolf. The party was astounded that the undead where fighting there enemy but did not let their guard down for a second. Along with the aid of the undead the party took down the shade wolf and gained its bounty. After the battle a shadowed figure stepped out of the darkness the undead moving out of his way as if they were still alive and he there lord. The man reveled himself as a necromancer of these lands using his power over the undead to fight his fellow necromancers for the sake of this world. The group did not trust this man considering the evil necromancers rule this world but he proved himself trust worthy enough when he reveled his masters plans to destroy them all.

The group decided to discuss there next plan of attack away from the tavern except the ranger who decided to enjoy one of the taverns luxuries, a drow prostitute named Venittta. While in the throes of passion with his new bedmate the ranger felt a cold grip from behind him as this world slowly faded away from him. The necromancer had revealed that his master was none other than the joyful little halfing taking on the innocent disguise of a barmaid to lure travels into her web. The group decided that the best action would be to destroy the tavern and hopefully take the lich out with it. The mage they had acquired from the last town prepared a great string of fireball spells and attacked the tavern exploding it into a pile of rubble. Out of the fire came the lich her zombie concubines and the zombie bartender carrying their ranger ally. The wolf he had been taking care of was caught in the explosion and killed as a result the ranger only surviving within an inch of his life. The lich confronted her disciple warning him that in betraying her he betrayed the Blood king and would face his wrath. The necromancer responded with a a great dispel spell he had been preparing just for this betrayal. The spell severed her connections to her concubines and weakened her most powerful zombie the bartender. The lich tried in vain to summon undead but was soon denied her powers by a man that glowed with great radiant light.

The lich was defeated but her phylactery still remained and so the hero’s went in search of it using a spell to detect it within the ruins of the tavern. The group also among the destruction found a red book with a mysteries symbol carved in it. Upon inspection the book seemed to be a religious text telling of the great hero. The Blood King.



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