Sink Into Darkness

The last of Natures chosen

The undead mage had been slain and the party was free to rest in the wreckage of the city. The only surviver of the whole ordeal where the armor clad Cleric, The Dandyman and his brother, the cloaked ranger, the old women and her two children, and there new companion the mage from the burning city. The party not yet trusting each other begin to argue over what to do now the cloaked ranger not one for groups decided to head out on his own.
The ranger traveled many miles until he found and odd site in the world. A meadow of flowers not yet killed by the unyielding forests of the winter. In the middle of this field was a rather large brown bear. The creature seemed to be curled up and asleep. In the middle of the bear a man seemed to be using him as a sort of pillow. Upon his apparition even though it was silent the man was aware of his presence and awoken pointing his large staff in his direction. “Who goes there?” the man said his bear instantly changing from harmless pillow to vicious predictor. The ranger was surprised by such a fast transformation and fell back into the flowers. This caused both the man and the bear to laugh uncontrollably as he walked over to help him up.
The ranger gladly excepted this help and explained his current situation. The man and the bear decided that they would help this new comer believing that it was fate that they had met that day. The man quickly escorted the ranger to a cave where a wolf cub lay dieing. “I am currently charged in caring for this young one but am not able to heal his wounds if you would allow me to perform a ritual to bind you and this creature he may still yet be saved. Would you help?” The man looked down at the pitiful creature and excepted his offer going through with the ritual.
The ritual was a success and not only was the wolf healed but he also seemed to age and become that of a full grown wolf. The wolf now recovered jump on his partner licking his face like an excited dog greeting his master. The man with the bear stared at the two with a smile on his face knowing that he had past his first test. The ritual was not only to save the cubs life but to check if the rangers motives where pure. If he had been evil the wolf would have adopted evil as well and ripped the mans throat out. After resting up the four headed out in order to find the city of hope yet again. As they left the area of the field of flowers the flowers seemed to wilt and freeze over immediately as they left.



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