Creanus Vorralus

devoted martyr, saint and protector of all that is holy and good


str: 25

AC: 39
HP: 144



4000 years ago the prince of humans was cast out of the palace of his evil king/father. For beloved to him were law, protection and freedom. he grew up in a church to the dragon-god Bahamut under his pristine guidence grew to be a worthy paladin, and as such traveled out into the world to vanquish evil. Eventually he met up with a party of adventurers and traveled with them for some time, however in his time of need they betrayed him, leaving him to die for his beliefs, and die he did.

4000 years later the nacromancer Lucifer rose him as a great and terrible black gaurd, an undead knight of death and together with his dracolich mount he ruled the now icy tundra of a world with hate, and merciless slaughter, however one day the necromancer was mysteriously killed, freeing him to reflect on his evil deads, and he wandered the wastes seeking redemtion, and the dracolich which he rode, for it must be destroyed. Now redeemed saint Vorralus, paladin, shadowbane inquisitor and risen martyr is tasked by the world to ressurect the dead gods. But first… adversary must be slain…..

Creanus Vorralus

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