Jasper Kresh

a fighter devoted to helping he and his brother escape poverty to a life of adventure and fortune in any way


lvl.1 fighter 4 outcasted champion
str 17
dex 15
con 13
int 15
wis 13
cha 18

fort 7
reflex 3
will 2


weapon scythe


The two brothers grew up in the slums of the poor distract only being able to survive because of their bond as brothers. The brothers grew up brawling and stealing in order to survive and soon ran into trouble with the Assassins guild. A secret guild of thugs and assassins formed to take a strong hold on the poor distract and to try to take control of the city of hope. The brothers where taken in by the guild being scouted for their individual abilities. As members of the Assassins guild the brothers have access to their secret bases and to the black market. They are currently the lowest lvl of recruit to the assassins guild but with time and effort they may prove themselves and advance in the ranks.

Jasper Kresh

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