Abel Kresh

Rouge 2 assassin 3





23 year old male
black hair styled in a warriors braid fashion
Gray eyes
158 lbs

Abel has a tattoo starting from the base of his back running up his back down around his arms, onto his neck to the base of his face. The tattoo is a tribal vine that he adds to for each life he has claimed.


The Kresh line once consisted of greatly respected nobles until the late lord Nathan Kresh. who brutally killed his wife in the name of an unknown power in the hopes of achieving untold power. However, Nathan was instead stripped of his titles and land and publicly executed, leaving his two young sons to fend for themselves, alone living on the street forever baring their fathers disgrace and shame. Growing up on the streets, Abel learned to trust only his wiser brother Jasper. Abel honed his skills using daggers and other thrown weapons in order to survive, a skill he holds a lot of pride in. Abel decided young in life that his only concern in life would be protecting his brother and doing whatever he needs to for them to survive. This more recently got them tied into the Assassins guild. Giving them “privileges” though they are only the lowest level of recruits.

“Know that i feel no sorrow ending your life. Your name and face, I shall never think of again. However i shall always bear your memory as another vine of life that sustains my family. Your sacrifice is great but you shall always be honored. You die so we may live. May you find the peace I shall never attain.”- the last words Abel says to every target he kills.

Abel Kresh

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